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  • I wish I didn't know what they were... I ate so many one Easter that I got sick as a dog. I still get woozy sometimes when I see them, lol.

    I'll be 42 in October. Time flies, Blue... but sometimes not fast enough. :D
    Those little octopi look like Peeps, ha ha.

    Noooooooo, I don't feel 42 at all. I wish I could go-back twenty years and tell myself not to worry so much. I think the mid-fifties are when it starts to get rough for the guys and maybe 60 for women... and the wheels fall-off for us both at 70.




    Hello Blueee! u let the madness in

    I'm sorry to hear that, Blue.

    Is it anything you want to vent about? You're always such a great listener, I'm more than happy to reciprocate.

    Hi.I love music and movies(films) too.What are some of your favourite bands or musicians that you listen to the most?
    Oooooh, that sucks. I detest hot weather.

    We seldom get substantial snow in my part of NC, it's mostly just a few dustings each winter. Every few years we'll get a 6-inch snowfall but that's about it.

    Our summers are pretty brutal, I'm always so glad when October rolls around each year. I don't get people who say they love it.
    Thanks Bluedays , my Dad had a bad fall at his nursing home due to his advanced dementia which resulted in terrible injuries to his head and back. Me and Mum are supporting each other but it is very very hard cause I feel so insecure. Thankyou for your kind words.
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