your Most favourite movie scene


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Hello there,

sorry I posted an off topic subject here...I am new here...sorry
I am doing a small search & trying to figure out what is the most interesting or most beautiful below are my top three scenes:

1.Library scene............................Movie:Seven
2.Run scene.................................Movie:Forrest Gump
3.Maria & Jesus reunion in heaven.....Movie: Maria di Nezareth

Thanks for reading::)
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I have many...

however, I must support my boy, Cuba Gooding, Jr. cuz I went to school with him and we had the same drama teacher. Yes, I said drama teacher. I was in drama before SA hit me hard. :D

Cuba Gooding Jr., in Jerry Maguire and his big "show me the money" scene.

and yes he is just as awesome in person as in movies.



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One of my all time favorite movie scenes was in Gremlins where they scared the **** out of Mrs Deagle and then sent her grumpy ass flying out the window. This is the only movie that brings any joy and comfort to my depressed Christmas each and every year. Best Christmas movie ever.
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Great scenes:

The Matrix: when Morpheus lets Neo choose btw the red pill or the blue pill
Matilda: the fight scene between Matilda and Mrs. Trunchbull

My god, I absolutely loved that movie. It was such a mind-fudge, but such a great story. Jim Carrey is probably one of my favorite actors, I love how he can be so over the top and he can be so emotional and touching.


I love you Philip Morris - I Still Love You - YouTube

Two wonderful scenes. Such a fantastic, real, and emotional love story.

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There are so many!

The end sequence of Requiem for a Dream is definitely up there for me.


Alleigha - the gunny RULES!!! Love that scene!!! :D

Other all-time favorites:

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith - when the clones turn on the Jedi. When Ki Adi yells, "Come on!" and leads the charging troops, then hears them stop and ready their weapons. He stops, turns around and has this look of horror as he sees they have their weapons trained on HIM! Then, they open fire and even this great Jedi master is overwhelmed by their attack and falls.

If Only: Scene near the end when he tells Samantha, "If not for you, I never would have fallen in love at all." Gets' me choked up every time cause, I feel the same way about a certain, someone. :)

if Only part 9 of 9 - YouTube

And finally .. who couldn't love this scene from Hachiko: A Dog's Story. Based on a true story, Hachiko used to wait for Parker to come home from work everyday at the train station. One day while at work, Parker died and never came home. But Hachiko continued to wait for him, every day .. for 10 years, until he himself died. It's the most beautiful story of unconditional love and loyalty and I thank printesa mea, Cosmina .. for introducing me to this movie.

Hachiko - 10 Years and Still Waiting - YouTube
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