your Most favourite movie scene


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I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton's batman movies.
Batman and batman returns were basically my childhood and there isn't a single scene or piece of music that doesn't bring a big dumb smile to my face to this day.
None of them quite get to me like this particular scene and piece of music though.
I can't explain it...
It gives me an overwhelming sense of nostalgic joy every time.
Batman 1989 Racing toward the Batcave 720p - YouTube


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There is so many

The Shining 1980 the steps scene
The Shining 1980 the Gold ball room with Lloyd
The Shining the Maze scene
Back to the Future Marty punches Biff and escapes, the prom scene
Back to the Future 2 Marty Finds the Doc in 1955
Titanic I jump you jump scene
Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World the hardware store and Sid Ceasar with Edie Adams
Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World the chase after Captain Colepepper
One Who Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest When the indian lifts up the sink through the window and escapes
Hatchet 2 when Danielle Harris Kills the monster
Stephen Kings IT 1990 the sewer scene part when they were kids
Goodfellas the restaurant scene
Casino when Joe Pesci threatens the banker
Back to school the triple linding scene, Melons Party, Dr Barbey s class
My Cousin Vinnie, WHen Joe Pesci comes in the court with the magician outfit
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Fight Club.........You are not content of your wallet scene
Shawshank Redemption........Get busy living or get busy dying scene


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I don't know why, but one scence I liked a lot in the film "Thelma and Louise" is the final scence when they start the car engine and jump down the Great Canyon. It is a released. It's poétic.
Nice. I really like Bela Tarr's films. Have you seen Satantango?

I haven't seen it yet but I really want to. People say it's his best one, is that right? Werckmeister was my first and only Tarr movie until now, and I was very touched by it.