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  • Wait! Lemurs are friends of moons! Don't scurry away! ='( I haven't seen your moon for a while*sniff sniff*
    Reckless teenage things?!? oh goshhh.. like what? :eek:
    Life is a pretty alright experience. I'm pretty much trying to squeeze as much as possible out of my last few days before heading back to school.. soo I'm painting a mural on my wall whilst listening to Sapolsky lectures, which turns out to be a super synergistic combo.. and doing plant experiments.. and walking. It's a pretty good time!
    How've you been? Did you ever end up camping? What does the future hold?! Are you a spiritual medium?
    I hope everything's going.. smoothly.

    Rofl. No that's cool I've actually always wanted to work at a hotel for some reason. Like Disneyland. Hmm... so you have to wear a maid uniform? "Housekeeping?" "Housekeepinnnng?" :D

    Hey gonna be making more money than me.::p:
    Awesome! What job? A step up from being a Timmy Ho I'm guessing? ::p:

    Me? Better. But no job yet. Or much of anything lately.
    Yup. "Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde", one of my favorite albums. Not only the music, but even the album cover is perfect. Good to know that are more Alcest fans around here :)
    Pretty much the opposite. But not many reasons to force myself. I have my HS group still done a few things but that I've never really counted much. Glad you're gettin' out and doin' shtuff. Keeeeep it upppp.
    Yup, YOU! Trust me, enjoy it while you can. I tried my best too, once it's over, yeah you'll miss it. Unless you hated it lol then prob won't be missin' it too much =D
    I got a virus on my computer the other day. At first I could still go online to facebook but it wouldn't let me go onto any messengers. I was trying to find someone I knew to fix it, but everyone was being a poop face and I had to take it into best buy. Really broke the bank with that one since I didn't have any kind of protection services already for my computer. So yeah, they have been fixing it and I guess they have to wipe everything out and do a factory system restore. I might get it back tonight but most likely not until tomorrow.

    I feel like Zach having to come into the library to go onto the computer, haha.
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