your Most favourite movie scene


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This is hilarious. I had never seen the film until recently as I saw Kevin Bacon did a parady of this scene on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and then had to watch this film. Even the scene with tractors fighting is hilarious. Was he on some kind of Red Bull as it would make a great add lol
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This scene always comes back to me time and time again in life. The setting is that they followed the alien instructions perfectly in building this space craft, except for one detail where they thought they knew better, and that was fitting the chair for health and safety reasons. But as you'll see in the film, it turns out they should've just trusted the original instructions. I stumble upon that mistake a lot in life.


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And now I am old, old man, I must confess that of all the faces that appear out of the past, the one I see most clearly is that of the girl. Of whom I have never ceased to dream these many long years. She was the only earthly love of my life. Yet I never knew or learnt her name

Adso, Name of the Rose.