What's your heart rate ?


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My resting heart rate is around 85. During anxious episodes, such as being outside around people, going to meet someone, etc., it could be above 100, but usually not above 120. During peak of panic attack it could be even above 120 for a while. And sometimes I start to worry about my heart which increases anxiety even more... I guess this terrible situation is familiar to most of you?
What's your heart rate at rest and when you are anxious in social situations?


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Well If you excersise its normally low normel
thats why all us anxiety freaks should excersise
I have taken mine at normal and then after meditating and there is a big differance
heh, my resting heart rate floats somewhere around 110 and when im panicky it can get up to roughly 160...but it doesn't stay like that for long. only for maybe 10 minutes.

...i thought i was the only one with a high resting heart rate....at least i know there's others now.
Hi Kamen, have you tried Inderal (propranolol)? It might provide relief in anxiety episodes accompanied by a great increase in heart rate. I'm no doctor of course, sp please research this more if your interested. Inderal has definitely helped in more ways that I can imagine.


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Lexmark: Yes, after meditation, my heart rate is lower as well - maybe in the 70s.

Psychedelicious and social_failure: Wow, 100-110 is high. What does your doctor say about it? Did he or she suggest beta-blockers?
my doctor said it was high, but he thought it was just cause i dont like his office and was nervous or something.

and im only 16, so i dont think id get any medication for it.


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a few years ago my heart rate was really high for some reason. it would get up to 130 for no reason at all. It was like that for a couple of months I think. But thats before I even knew what anxiety was. So I couldve been having some sort of anxiety attack or something and didnt even know it.

These days its about 78... just checked right now.

I should really check it when im having a panic attack or something. But usually im too worried about dying then checking what my heart rate is
I just remembered this thread from long ago.. recently I got measured at the doctors twice in 2 week gap 52, both times. It says I have bradycardia but it´s allegedly normal in people who do a lot of sport or physical excercise.. which I quite do. But my heart is not OK anyway according to their other measures.


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mine is 120 dont know if its because the medicine i took at 9:40 last night is still in effect woke up still feeling good from its effect haha...usually my heart pulses up to 170ish when I panic or stress to much I think it may be a case of enlarged heart like my dad has dont know what its caused by I am guessing to much stress and or smoking. Normally my heart rate around 100.


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My resting heart rate is in the mid to high 50's. But I have always been into jogging, running, sports and all that type stuff which is why is it low like that. When I am jogging it will be around 150.......and stay around that for the most part.
mine is crazy. haha normal is about 55.

When I get an attack (not a panick attack I have a condition) it goes way way up 180 before it drops way way down way down until I get help(niether an anxiety response)

Then a lot of the meds I've been on have messed with it so my ave rate went up to 140 and that was taken while I was asleep so not anxiety related.

You can take proponal-half indernal for it

but what I always think is . o 0 its a good strong heart rate, the fact that I feel it means I know its working. And closing my eyes taking deep breaths is the best thing to calm me.


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When im totally relaxed i think my heartrate is just below 80. But when i go to the gym and i sit down on a bike sometimes my heartrate can be above 120. Usually im a little stressed before going in and have to rush to get there. So before i start peddling i wait (2 minutes or so) to make my heartrate drop a little bit and usually it drops just below 90.
A few years back it was about 60 bpm. Just measured now, averaging ~75. I have had in the past a "problem" if you will, with sometimes my body not wanting to breathe (heart pumping normally, but issue with lungs not "automatically" wanting to breathe - so had to breathe in/out "deliberately"). Also have had some issues with feeling faint/dizzy, and "blacking-out" the odd time. I probably have a slightly deformed chest/heart area (sunken chest, palpitations).