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  • Well I don't know what tournament you're talking about, but right now the World Series (mlb championship) is going on so none of the elite american players competed in it because this is much more important ::p:
    Nadal, Djokovic, Federer, and Murray in the Semi's. What a surprise :rolleyes"
    Come, now. There's nothing boring about house sitting in the rain. My rugby match was a disaster. We lost 9/14 and tonight we're playing NZ. Really glad I don't have tickets to that one. Eish! Um. That's officially all my news. haha.
    Well hello, Acers!! It's such a lovely surprise to hear from you. And what a nice thing to say. I came to the chatbox once or twice after the last time I spoke to you but it seemed like "our crowd" wasn't around. Yes, I'm doing well, thank you and I hope you are too. I will be spending the afternoon watching my rugby team get a spanking from Australia. It looks like it might rain so I hope we get good seats. Um, I wish I had something really interesting to tell you but alas, no news. Hopefully you have some. Stay well!
    Yeah tsonga was fun to watch. I can't lie, I was rooting for Federer when they played though ::p:. I don't think I've ever seen a player dive as much as he did though, especially in the semi's (That was fun to watch :D).
    Ah, I was rooting for Murray in the match today, oh well. He looked good in the first and last set at least :p. Who do you have in the finals? I think if Djok brings his 'A' game Nadal has no chance, and hopefully the fact that he's #1 will relax him a bit (I'm rooting for him too :D).
    What about that foot "injury" he suffered during his match against del porto, won't that make an impact? ::p::rolleyes:. I'm interested to see how tsonga and tomic do, I actually haven't seen tomic play yet and would like to see the young phenom face the future #1, might be interesting. The only match I think is completely set in stone is the murray match, Lopez is coming off a 5 setter, and even on a days rest murray is going to rollover him I think.
    So much for Roddick winning it :p. I don't know, Nadal has a tough road ahead of him, he has to go through Berdych and Murray (most likely) just to make it to the finals, which has a very good chance to be against Federer or Novak. I know Nadal has the endurance, but that's like 3 final level matches in a row. I'm not sure he'll even make past murray, who has the easiest quarter now that roddick is gone (Monfis won't be too difficult, if he even wins today).

    I think it will all really depend on who of the 4 gets upset before semi's, I think it would be strange to see the top 4 in the semi's in back to back majors (It could happen though). With no upsets though, I think Murray has a good chance now. (I still think fed's the favorite though, he's playing solid tennis on his best surface. But we'll see. )
    Hmm, well I'm rooting for Roddick (Did you see his acegame? :D) but if I was putting money down on it I'm not sure. Not Nadal I don't think, so maybe Fed or Novak. Fed to be boring I guess :p. As a dark horse I'd pick Murray(the 4 seed :rolleyes:), but's that's only because Hewitt lost. (I decided he was going to win it all when he went up 2-0 on Soderling, I was set straight shortly thereafter. :p)

    And on the ladies side, probably someone unranked. It seems like ever other match is an upset with them :p.
    Oooo, Nadal and Federer in the finals. Let's see if Fed can finally beat Nadal on clay, eh?
    YAY for being brave and doing CBT assignments! :) How did it go?
    If I'm scared ahead I usually imagine how relaxed & happy I will be afterwards (happy that it's over hehe etc), and usually it works! (And usually I really *am* relaxed & happy afterwards! :)) So, wishing you good luck with CBT & rl assignments etc!!
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Acegame!! :)

    Wishing you lots of wonderful moments, health to you and your family, and general happiness!!
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