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  • I could say the same for you... maybe we're both dead. :D

    That's good to hear... and bad to hear. lol

    I know what you mean about it always being with you. Oh to be a real live person. :D
    thanks for replying to my thread. I hope you're doing good Barry-don't see ya much here anymore.
    I think their defense and athleticism should be enough to get them to the elite 8, but I agree that they dont seem as complete despite the record. Anthony Davis is ridiculous
    watup big dog how ya been. thinkin this may be the year of the wildcat...although i will do the usual with my bracket, pick a hard nosed defensive team with seniors on it. it wont really matter even if they win, theyll make calipari take down the banner eventually. but i digress. whatsup with you?
    all I get is a pretty good?? pfft. SA wise.. im awesome.. getting out and doing stuff! havent had an attack in months. Everything else is a mess.
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