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  • hey, i'm doing pretty well, finally working, feel tons better about myself. Hope you're doing well over there!
    Yeah same here, doing so-so the whole week now, not only today. Well, hope you will have a nice weekend. What are you gonna do this weekend?
    Alright, kind of depressed though. Just waking up to what I know is going to be another miserable day for me. How are you?
    Yeah, music, and I will enjoy doing it hah. I feel abit rubbish without sometimes hah. Eventhough if I could live in the moment, fully, all the time it might not matter as much hah. But just abit dissapointing that I spent alot of money on it BECAUSE of its aparant perfect working order, and it needs fixing straight away. hopefully it won't be too long now.

    Nice, hope you had a good rest. Ah yes! Videogames and youtube! Thats basically what I do with free time hah. And enjoy it mostly. Sometimes when on youtube/internet loads I do seem to get little thouhts about the fact I'm on it so much, jus doing the same things. But its best to ignore that and just keep doin what you want at the time hah.

    What kind of games do you play?
    I am.....very tired thanks. I have a day to rest though tomorrow. Nothing is new that would be important to anyone else. I m waiting for a piece of equipment I will be using to record stuff with to be repaired. And during that time I can only do my other usual little things hah.
    Howabout yourself?
    i wish i had your av i would live vicariously thru but then i realize nah that would be selfish because its not mine and someone elses
    ...yea pretty much only thing new for me is my ex being pregnant with my child other than that same ol same fun right? haha.
    Hey, I am not too bad thankyou! Abit tired. And you?
    I may well PM sometime to discuss things I saw you mention.
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