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  • Hey Rach! I'm glad you had a nice time, it's just nice to get away for a while. I could just go back right now actually hehe.
    Erm, i've been trying to keep myself occupied I guess though it's hard. I've been doing some gardening for extra money, saved up a bit. I still haven't tried for any jobs haha. How have you been? Do you play any instruments btw? Oh well thank you hehe. Its not a very good picture because I took it myself. I asked my mum to take one but she was making me laugh intentionally. :/
    I will probably try for clearing yeah. Though it's all incredibly daunting. I can't stop worrying about what the future holds. I guess you should just go for what you think is right for you. Location is quite important, Manchester uni was far too busy for me.
    What do you think about this meet up btw? It's quite a distance but I think the train routes are quite direct. It would be pretty funny and cool to meet up, I look forward to seeing you if it happens Rachel! Take care, Richard x.
    Hey Rachel,
    Hope you are well. :)
    Oh yeh, it was really good - I recently found out Pixies are playing in London though, so maybe I should have just gone to that & saved some £.... but I suppose I would have missed seeing Neil Young, and a few others.
    Good luck with your job search - it's hard I know. I've compromised by getting a job I don't like - but one where I can listen to my ipod... so at least I can still feel a little bit free! I'm sure your artwork would sell for lots if you wanted! - but I suppose it's not predictable enough & easy to exhibit maybe?
    It'd be really great if you manage to get to the meet up!
    Take care xx
    Hey, thanks :)
    My son's name is Hayden and my daughter's name is Willow.
    I know what you mean, I still have no idea what to do with my life, I feel like the clock is just ticking away and everyone i've ever known has their life sorted out.
    Good luck with everything. Take care :) xxx
    I am alright, thanks, although I had a fight with my dad today. We just don't have a very good relationship.
    I have been thinking of getting out all my old art supplies and draw something, sometimes when i'm feeling a little down or angry I can draw the best pictures. How are you? What're you up to?
    Hope you're well :)
    Ah, not to worry. I've found something out about clearing but I can tell you when you get back if you like. Go and enjoy yourself Rachel and forget about things for a while :) There's some beautiful beaches around cornwall.
    Oh my GOD. I didn't realise the deadline was so soon, and I don't know if i'm allowed to do clearing. Oh christ. Shit!!!! I'm off to go and panic now. :(

    Don't be daft, I loved your poem. You're obviously a woman of many talents and you should totally do your english course. Anyway, hope you have a nice holiday! Remember the suncream!
    swing it daddieo!

    I was kinda drowsy with the meds yesterday but now i'm fine. I was digging my neighbours beds in the heat so could have been that too. How are you feeling? If you're going away soon you've got the right weather for it! By the way I love your poem, especially the last part. The waves dancing people away is a great metaphor.
    Hello! I just had to add you because of your username; toothpastekisses. The Maccabees rock, and so does that song, it's one of my favourites of theirs!

    Take care!

    I commuted from home, I had to get two busses. I told my dad about not wanting to do that again and he said he'd be worried about me if I moved away. I know what he means, because it will either go right or it will go horribly wrong. I felt alienated when I was at uni, so being far away from home will really put me out there. It would be sink or swim so he thinks I might become lonely and do something stupid.
    Sounds lovely! My sister and niece were down before too, we had a curry. Yes.. curry in this weather mad I know. My mum made the spiciest one as well, hot spicy stuff does my head in. Esa is an income for those who can't work on medical grounds. It's actually very good and the money blows away some cobwebs in my wallet, but it's not something I want to stay on. I would never go on jsa however. Living away at uni would be a great move if you can manage it. It's something I will do if I return because I have the benefit of hindsight ;). I don't like manchester. It will cost but as long as its worth it. I've not come to any decisions yet no (face palm). On one hand ive been conscious all along I have to get it right because I can't come out and be unemployed like so many others. Thats my absolute worst nightmare. It's still the science area though.. will give me the most options.. i hope.
    I hope your family weren't too annoying today, LOL.
    Oh well done to you :) Don't worry about that now, they'll be plenty more opportunities along the line. I haven't been looking for a job tbh. :x I kinda gave up. I'm still on esa at the moment and I was told I can stay on and work up to 16 hours, so I was going to look for temp office work or hospital portering. There isn't really much anyway. I wish I could spend the summer on a volunteer scheme abroad but it's probably not going to happen now. I've still not applied to university. You any further along with that? Parents are killing me for it and I don't blame them!
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