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  • Wonderful post. You should write blogs, for people with SA.
    You truly help people by sharing your powerful words.
    You help me through the journey of recovery.
    Wow, I could honestly not agree more! I feel the exact same way. Especially about today's economy and society and such. That was badly worded, lol. So, do you collect any Medieval...things? Haha.
    Thanks for sharing those videos with me. I really liked the Palestrina one. It was nice. I do like certain Medieval music compositions. I can be picky though, lol. I assume you're a fan of the Renaissance times and such?
    Are you OK? I hope you feel better soon...

    I've been busy with my new baby girl, I kept it a secret from everyone here. She was born on the 2nd of February. I haven't been sleeping well and I don't have as much time as I used to, but that will change soon. She's beautiful, anyways. :)

    Have a good day Kamen
    Hey, nice to see you. I hope you are OK. I wish I was feeling better during the past few days...
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