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  • Just logged in (hopefully for the last time) to remove my personal info from this gawd awful site.

    Thank you for the reply. It really help to hear others have been through the same types of problems.

    I think its not that my moms dating that bothers me as much as it is her forcing me to interact with her date when i clearly told her im uncomfortable with it.

    Sounds like your mother was kind enough to leave you out of it in the beginning and i hope my mom does the same.
    I'm not sure why it's not working from the user CP, it does the same thing to me. You should still be able to view and create new albums directly from your profile page- I'm able to click on the name of my album there and see my pictures, and add an album by clicking on "show all albums" then "add album." If this doesn't work for you, maybe ask philly, he's kind of the designated "tech-geek" mod now ::p:
    Damn straight! :p no it's fine, i'm pro at it, anyway hello to you toooo lol, how you been since two months ago? I have dirty, ripped up (hardly) hands from doing building labour work....good enough to quit my depressfest last 4 year i hate myself job though....now to most likely find another one, after finish working with pops. Ooompa!
    hey, i hope your doing well, i wont bore you with a long message :)

    Aw dont worry about it,it's ok,hopefully we will get talk on msn if you still go on,And Im doing a little bit better thanks :)
    Anytime, and you definitely should. The year 2010 is really special for the SGI-USA. It's the 80th Anniversary and the new theme is called "Rock the Era." It's focused mainly on youth so they are having really awesome and HUGE events all over the country right now. In fact, I am heading to Seattle next weekend for a Rock the Era event with the other youth division leaders. There will be 10's of thousands of people chanting and speaking and singing and everything! (an SA hell, but totally worth it!) Now is an exciting time ^^ I hope you do look into it again. Just let me know if you have any questions or anything at all!
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