What book are you currently reading?

I went to the cinema to see this. I didn't think it would be much good.. but I was wrong! I thoroughly enjoyed it
I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm not surprised it was good. The book was awesome! And it's the type that I don't think is ruined by watching the movie first. It had lot's of bits that I imagine would be difficult to transfer to film.


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One of my favorite John Grisham books is The Partner. I just downloaded it onto my iPad so I'll be re-reading it over the next few days.
I love reading reference books too.
The variety of different torture methods and tools that were invented and used back then, just boggles your mind! :eek:
It is but I'm mostly fascinated by how religion works to manipulate masses and how the people used the movment as a sort of social cleaning to get rid of their outcasts