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  • i'm glad to hear you were touched by my post :) you've got a really cool username btw :) I wish i could follow what it says...
    Thanks facethefear - I dont really think so, I am quite insecure about my appearance....but it is nice to hear that :)
    the only way to get here is over a bridge - unless you come by boat

    the marina is very nice
    I suggest you both use the ignore function for each other, any more flaming in posts PMs or visitor pages and you will both be facing a ban.
    Your post sounded rather mean, it was as if you were mad at me for making that thread, the way I was thinking, displaying my experiences, and my views.

    This does bring up a question, actually; What is the root of your cruelty?

    (That question doesn't stem from my past experiences, it comes from your behavior towards me in that thread)
    Please do not insult other users based upon their topics and posts. If you can't handle them, go somewhere else and find another way to occupy your time.
    avez-vous vu où Stephen a quitté son vélo?

    (i remember that from my high school french class)
    Impossible - they never say goodbye. I tell them I would LOVE to talk to them but I am busy now so PLEASE call next week and thank you so much for phoning ME. Do that for 4weeks and they take your name off the list. LOL
    We must speak again but my life has become busy with too much work. I messed up my day by driving someone to a medical appt. and it took 6 hours when I thought it would be 2 and a half. Now I have to scramble tomorrow to get everything done that I could not do today. I will phone you soon.
    same here, was a bit rusty...don't get much of a chance to practise.Usually telemarketer hang up on me.:x
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