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    I can see the resemblance! I definitely have sharper features :)

    Good to hear from you, Fountain. I hope you’re doing well.
    You too, Sarah. I hope your situation improves, romantic stuff is the worst kind of mess to be in.
    Thanks Fountain! It really is, but it’s only temporary. The sun always comes out after a storm :)
    Hey, sorry about that guy harassing you. Do you live in a city? That sort of thing makes me so angry. Don't think you have to be polite to those jer ks ;) (but be careful obviously)
    Very right, wouldn't want to get to close lol, i'll watch from a safe distance I think.

    Oh good, hope it goes well. I guess so, think I've come up with every excuse in the book and some twice:/. If I have a pre drink I may be alright but if not it's a no no for me.

    The que is the worst part for me, i feel everyone is staring so i get quite edgy at times. I have a younger brother he's 8 but doesn't live with me, so i'm not sure he could help. I have a card and some flowers maybe that will have to do. Do you have any siblings? :)
    Yeah it's a killer for your sleep pattern I find.

    I like big cats, snow leopard is my fav:)

    Glad to hear, oh nice will you be attending? I'm not the best with big gatherings due to my SA so I struggle a lil when they come around.

    It's going alright, went shopping earlier for groceries (which I hate), now just thinking about what to buy my mother for her bday, i'm a bit stumped tho:/
    I used to work nights too, so I know how that goes.

    Big cats are pretty rad - I love tigers :)

    Going good, thank you. I went to a charity breakfast for Alzheimers this morning and now I am just assisting my sister with a big party she has been planning for months that's tomorrow.

    How is YOUR day?
    Lol same I don't see much daylight, work nights so usually asleep in the day.

    Yeah there cool, i'm more of a big cat man tho:)

    How's your day?
    Lol.How about you tell me a couple of your jokes.When Im in the mood I think I can very fun,since Im quick witted and can thing on my feet.Im good at quickly coming up with a one liner.But I need to be in the right frame of mind and be with people I feel fairly comfortable with.

    I tend to try to block out the people around me unless Im speaking to them,but thats me.I think in the US there is more clear divisions and groups people fall into.Sports types,Cheerleaders,Computer types etc Not that is necessarily a bad thing.I think its less so here in the UK due to cultural differences etc.

    I guess I was into sports but also loved to learn,so not sure what group that put me into as a kid.I spent quite alot of time in the library reading but also liked talking to some kids.Actually I became more a loner by choice and circumstance in my later teens.

    Everlong,All my life ,are great Foofighter songs.I think I know most of the words to All my life.I also like My Hero,great pretender,Halo.
    Hi.We all make fashion,hairstyle blunders.Lol.Luckily most of ours were not captured on film unlike this generation who live more online and post everything.Lol.Not that Im that old.I use to really like high top hsir styles in my teens.Its all part of finding yourself.Were you part of any scenes like goths,etc.

    I only found out about Alice in Chains a month ago.Its like the start of musical relationship.Six months ago or so I had no idea who Alterbridge,Creed were,now there in my top five favourite groups and I have most of their albums.Musically they have so enriched my life.Glad you liked the songs.If you have time to spare then the album Black gives way to blue which the songs are from,is on you tube.Idiots posting vids aside ,you tube is really good for hearing music and watching shows on.Its like a cultural database.Before buying an album I will use you tube first.
    Being open minded with music and in life is usually best.As a kid I was quite influenced by the music my classmates listen to,to help me fit in more I guess.I was one of the few black kids in my class.Also my brother even though younger did influence some of my likes such as sport.At that age particurally people are more easily influenced by their peers,family etc.

    Bet your neighbours had their fingers in their ears when you turned the volume up.Hehee.I quite liked heavier stuff in my teens too which reflected my inner turmoil.Stuff like Amen,Deftones,early Poparoach,Linkin Park,Guns n roses.I actually still quite like Linkinkin park and Guns n roses now.
    Hi.Thanks for the vids you send me.I use to be a huge Radiohead fan when I was younger.Songs like let down,no suprises,creep were some of my favourites by the band.I like Prince too and coincidently I bought two albums of his recently to add to my Prince collection.Front man wise he is probably in the top 10 and what a dancer.What are some of your favourite Prince songs.

    Foofighters are a really consistantly good group music quality wise.I use to be a huge fan of theres and I still like them.I have three or so albums by them.Yes David Groyl is an excellent frontman,who ticks all the boxes.Strong voice,big character,songwriter,plays good guitar etc.

    Lol.Some people music wise live in certain eras.The main thing is your parents are into music regardless of what ereas.I bet they influenced your music tastes.I think Im into post 1980s up to now music but Im trying to open up to music before the 1980s.Problem is I know what I like.I did buy a best of Chuck berry recently and I liked it.
    Thanks for the link.I like some Hendrix songs too such Cross town traffic,Hey Joe,Foxy lady.I wish in some ways he had been more rock than funk but I try to focus on songs of his I like.Its like Prince,Lenny Kravitz showing flashes of more rock based songs which I like more but then going back to more rnb songs which are okay but move me emotionally less.I suppose its about appealing to their audiance I guess which makes sense.

    Can you send me more links please to the rock songs you like which are less screamy.
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