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  • Lol I'm not a huge follower of cricket, don't have the patience to watch a whole match actually. I'm happy just by poping up in the middle and seeing the score or a few shots. So no favourites for me haha :p
    I do like bollywood movies, depends on the story though. My fav actor would be Amir Khan, what about you?
    Haha cool! My hobbies are mostly reading, writing sometimes, painting and knowing about various cultures. Yeah, I do like cricket, but I kinda suck at sports lol. What are your hobbies, I'm guessing cricket is one of them ;)
    there is a long application process - i wouldn't worry about the written test, but the obstacle course can be a bit of challenge - some people balk at the physical exam. it also helps if you can speak esperanto - good luck!
    At 11.11 i'm still at work so its a whole lot more meaningful realising i'm getting paid ;) yup sure is a part of history, in a way we all are i suppose if you look at it that way :)
    No problemo ;) yea i wasn't doing anything spectacular that day so thought i might join this forum on that particular date haha, only noticed what the date was when i first signed in :p
    Life's been pretty good. From July 31st until August 4th, I was at Busch Gardens, Magic Kingdom, and SeaWorld with my family. We fed and pet birds, dolphins, giraffes, and sting rays. I grew the balls to ride a roller coaster and enjoyed it immensely, so I might just be an adrenaline junkie now. Fall term begins in a week and, on top of keeping my grades up, I'm going to volunteer at an animal shelter, take up fencing, and try to get an internship over the summer. Hope you get the jobs you've applied for and get into the university you want.
    Hey, I had a great time talking with you. You're a fun person to have a conversation with. Hope everything's going well for ya!
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