Weather reports, please!

Bad.Hot and gloomy.Low visibility,high temperature.

A zombie movie like pinkness in the sky,everyone's shallow frying indoors.

Society is a frayed temper today,surroundings too familiar.

Not the kind of day to cross the path of an escaped dog on it's own.

I could almost imagine I feel like I have the medusa touch.


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This morning we woke up to bright, sunny spells that can be expected to last all day. Towards the evening however, the sky will darken and fish will start to fall from the heavens.


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Which I found slightly odd, considering it was raining cats and dogs yesterday:D!

Seriously, though, sunny all day long, baby:cool:!


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A little warm today. Going into the evening and it's cooling down slightly. Yeah, summer is just around the corner in Australia.


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Yesterday it was 32C (89.6F) and sunny. It was easily beach weather.

Today it's 18C (64.4F) and raining.

Crazy change from one day to the next.


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My good friend lost his house in a flood last night. I feel so helpless. At least the family is safe.