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    Well, I've never been on a date so I can't tell, but I'm sure that if you try (probably not in the first try, though, don't get discouraged ;)) you will find something you may not even expect. Good luck with it :)
    I'm fine about it, byut thanks. Same goes for you :)
    I don't think I could join a dating site, it's scary stuff haha
    Much better to play videogames :D
    A very late reply, but thanks for the compliment :)
    I've been trying not to give a **** about what people think of me.. but it's so damn hard. :( Btw you shouldn't hide in the toilet,I've seen one of your pictures and you are beautiful. :> I've always thought attractive people don't have problems socializing,but then I came to this site and realised they do.. :\
    Well actually I have a guy from my old classroom in the new one,also some people I chat with from time to time but mostly on the lunch brakes I just stand there by myself..
    I think I have fear of rejection..
    Glad to hear that you're doing good. :D Well,I've been doing okay,had my bad days and my good days. School kinda sucks tho ,I don't really talk with my new classmates :(
    Also I'm thinking about going to a shrink.. :D
    I have a quiet week end, hope you too.
    I didn't know the story about english bad teeth, lol...
    However you must use these three weeks before starting to recharge the batteries and recover energies. Your studying are so difficult? What are you studyng?
    Hi Pinata! How are u doing? I'm quite fine thanks! Enjoying some days of beach at the moment...and u? Back to school? Already?
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