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  • @we r eternal: Yes I did. I don't think I should have directly insulted him, but addiction is a very touchy subject for me and I hate seeing self-righteous pricks spouting fallacies like dimwitted geysers. He's definitely delusional though, and trying to blame weed for his problems instead of his own flaws.

    Whatever his reasons... it pisses me the **** off to see people claiming to "know the pain of addiction" when the most suffering they've seen was on an episode of Intervention.
    did u see what that dumbass said to you when replying to your weed post. i totally agree with you and everything he said basically proved both of our points... hes obviously stupid and never felt real physical withdrawl before.. i just wanna smack dip****s like him that spew out comments about **** which they clearly have no clue about.. i told him to read a book!lol!
    o_O I have a visitors' page! (who knew?)

    @IGotSeoul: Thanks! :D (I feel like Benjamin Button; I was so much more mature as a kid than I am now.)

    @CosmicNeurotica: Danka ;) Many people sing in the shower - I philosophize... and sometimes play air guitar.

    @dyingtolive: Thanks hehe. Finding that song was one of my best 'wtf' moments.
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