Weather reports, please!


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It's sunny right now it usually is in August even though it's winter right now. August and October are my favourite months of the year because they're both filled with memories of summer.


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It was raining before. Was going to take a walk but I suppose that's out of the question now. :)


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An intense lightining and thunder storm just went through. There was a short black. Lenny my pet cockatiel was out in the court yard, and I got her in before the esorse of it.


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Oct. 1st in NS Canada= -5c + snow. Oct.1st in NS Canada 2011= 28C + sun and blue sky. ahhh thank you Mr. Climate change:D
Sunny and beautiful! A clear blue sky very bright. :)
It's a very warm temperature today. 25 degrees. (celcius)
I really love that it's still like summer, but fall is turning it around soon.