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  • Hey I see you've posted in the thread "I Can Help You Cure Your Blushing".. did L-Methionine+Calcium helped you cure your blushing ? :D I really need to know cause I can't take this blushing anymore.. it's so embarassing :<
    That's it! Don't go breakin my heart.... and... don't go breakin' my heart... woohoo and nobody knows it... uhhh... so don't go breakin' my heart? I need to work on the lyrics :D
    Yeah I haven't gone into chatbox much. But heard it's died a bit. =/ Song... hmm. How bout that Elton John one with that girl he sings with? Specific I know... =D
    Yeah it seems there's a whole new "breed" of chatters around lately :) Havent been much on there either. At some point taking the time to get to know new people gets tiring! But i'm glad to hear you're doing well (and having fun apparently). Did they win??

    You know i wish i had something interesting to tell you, but my life isn't very interesting to begin with :D I guess thats what SA does... The most interesting (read boring) ive done lately was housesitting the house of my parents while they were on vacation. I was hoping for some good weather and go to the beach but.... I guess the seasons have shifted a bit here because the weather SUCKED. Rain rain rain, its disgusting. It's like autumn here right now (eventhough its mid summer). Only thing missing are falling leaves.

    Thats all i have right now. You asked for interesting, well there you have it ;). Hope to see you around!
    Hey m's! Haven't seen you for a while so i was wondering how you were doing. The chat is allot less cool without you :)
    Hmm, our duet continues to be delayed... guess we're just so busy on "tour" to find the time...... I am beginning to look like ZZ Top with my beard, now though.
    I love how you said you wasn't going to give me your chickified opinion, then did! lol. I have to admit I never watched it as I don't have much time for the royals, but I must admit she did look pretty. And things have been crazy good&bad, I definitely need to learn to slow down without resorting to breaking something! I will pm you the long version of events soon, but tbh it's all hazy. Sorry to hear your in limbo, it sucks I know. But you have got out of it before and can again. Sorry for the late reply btw, been In a limbo myself. Hope your ok?
    Aw haha, you worked out the time zone just to see the dress? Sorry but that made me lol, such a typical female thing to do. Hope it was worth the wait and calculations ;) I will try and catch you on mm, but no worries if you need to avoid it. Though maybe speak to the mods if your having issues with someone? Things have been kind of crazy for me recently, and I managed to fracture my toe when I was drunk, so no gym for me! And what's up with your gym? Hope things are going good for you too!?? And your always welcome to pm me or just leave a message on my page!
    Heyy, how have you been? I have checked for you on chat a couple of times but you never seem to be on =/ Though to be completely honest I get kinda nervous on chat!
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