Weather reports, please!


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Awful, isn't it. Oh well, 30 more years of wet la nina weather, then we'll go back to dry el nino patterns, so they say.

Hobart weather was great when I was down there. Sunday at least, what a cracker of a day. If I spend another 30 years in Coffs I'll start growing stag horns in my armpits.


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I heard that it snowed in every state except florida. I can't remember hearing about that happening on the same day before, although I'm sure someone will tell me it's happened more than I think. In Kansas its cold and snow is on the ground. I love snow, but I also don't like the fact that it screws up the roads.


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currently cloudy and 38 degrees F

supposed to start snowing again tonight - up to 16" predicted

yay, spring!!


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Cloudyyyyyyyyyyy, raining here and there. I like it. Whatever the weather ends up being, I like it.