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  • I might watch it. I've seen some parts of the anime on Youtube and it looks fun. My favorite anime is One Piece though.
    I kind of don't mind mecha after seeing it, it's kind of a life changer. xD I haven't seen any of those (but have heard of them), since I don't get around to anime as much as I'd wish I did. I just now finished Cowboy Bebop, besides that I tend to prefer philosophical anime (Which is why NGE is pretty good - I definitely recommend finishing it! lol)
    There's 26 episodes. I was stuck just like that earlier in the series, since mecha isn't my favorite genre, but eventually it really starts to pick up, especially when the psychological elements get introduced (especially since it definitely relates to social anxiety, with pretty much all the characters) Shinji's so relatable although he gets so much hate. :p
    Yes, it's one my favorite series lately. I'd watch through it all again, if only I had the time. :D
    I've been slow to communicate on computer because I've never entered anything close
    to a chat room before. It'll take me awhile to get my wings. I use the internet mainly
    for information. I'll be your friend... now you know 2 one-eyed-bandits.
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