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  • I'm basically stuck with low wage jobs. I guess I'm okay with that because I'm not planning on having a family.

    Wise move. A single person can live quite comfortably on a low wage. I live on even less than that, and I have no money troubles.
    I appreciate this. I'm glad at least someone else understands that being positive all the time is unrealistic.
    Hey, I just have been reading your new topic. I really understand what you are going through. I just wanted to give a virtual ((Hug)) and I just sent a friend request.
    Maybe we could chat a little :)

    Oh and you don't have to be positive all the time, some people just cannot handle the way you feel, but that is a fail. Not your fail! It's totally understandable that you feel down so now and then, SA isn't an easy thing, right.

    People also told me ''Don't look so sad'' or ''Be more happy'' But I cannot be happy if I don't feel that way, I can't even fake a smile, I just can't.

    So how's you now ? And had a nice holiday ??

    Hey have a nice day, sassy
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