The "Last Thing You Bought" game.

sounds like you have it on the wrong side, so it keeps unscrewing itself

check the end of the shaft - it should have an L or R inscribed on it for Left or Right

No, it's on the right side (I've checked, that's the type of mistake I usually make ::p:). The issue is that we didn't have the tools to bolt it on tight enough. It's one of those odd systems that that turns with the pedal, and that requires pressure to stay on. Since it's currently bolted on using only my fingers, any bumpy road will just shake it loose again.


£200 for a reliable German car with a lot of miles on the clock. But about £500 for services since for new cambelt and brakes.

All worth it cos it lets me get around and work for money. Getting contribution for petrol for getting to interview

£15 for 4Gb replacement memory for my machine since my last chipset surprised me by burning out in arm weather and made the machine difficult to use


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Uhm.... hmmm... We ordered pizza for our movie evening last sunday, if that counts. If it doesn't... potatoes probably, on saturday.


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A photography magazine with some tips on doing image blends. Now I only have to wait for my new lenses to practice.

An image blend is where you take two photos of a subject, sat the ocean, at different shutter speeds. Then you blend the two together to produce one image.


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I bought a ticket to a movie called '' Now you see me'' movie about magicians steeling money,, when I got home, my wallet was no longer with me haaha


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The Last Of Us, yesterday, however I traded stuff in which just so happened to be the exact price lol, so got it for nothing really.


A Father's Day gift dad, DUH!

I bought him a DVD trilogy collection of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises.
DEWALT DWE5010 1/2-Inch Single Speed Hammer Drill



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A coffee mug. I had it designed with a bunch of family pictures. I'm going to give it to my mother for her birthday.