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  • Well, atleast you tried the job eh;) And you have your own space now.... awesome! can you tell me more about your place (how big is it? etc.) anyway, i'm happy for you since i know what it's like to have your own place:) and yeah i was feeling so-so since i had certain memories from the past that haunted me, but right now i don't. I actually feel quite relaxed now^^ i'm about to go shopping! any plans for this week?

    (ps. i hope you can send me a picture of your place!)
    Sorry for the late reply. Well I like the plot of ff 8. 2 and 7 are also good (2 was my first game) What about you?
    Oh cool! I'd love to see some of your work in here :D
    Haha oh trust me I suck :p I love final fantasy too (yeah, the older ones)
    that's cool! I like animes as well and apart from that writing at times and knowing about various cultures, so what have you designed?
    Haha to tell the truth I really suck :p I did play some RPGs though. So what games are you obsessed with? And what else do you like?
    I see Atlus has got you addicted:)! When do you plan to go buy the sequel? Now, what do you mean by your PS3 is loud? How long has it been making that noise?
    Don't worry:)! As soon as I get my Vita, I'm hoping to buy some games on PSN:)! Then, my next goal will be to get a PS3! So, how far are you in the game?
    Glad to see that you're loving Digital Devil Saga:D! If you ever need help, I'll be glad to give you advice! My Christmas was good; although, my presents were kind of disappointing. Ah well! I've got my Vita on reserve and I'm thinking about getting two games on reserve:)!
    Everyone has issues of some kind. While I don't think you need to bring it up in every conversation, I do think that, if someone asks, you need to tell them. I'm not sure about how SA affects your chances at getting a job, but I'd say don't bring it up unless it's necessary.
    I know what you mean. I get terrified on the road; I don't want to turn or do anything because I'm scared that I might hit someone. The fact that my mother is yelling in my ear about this and that doesn't help matters.

    Well, I hope that you get this job! So, do you know how much you'll be getting paid? And what have you been web designing?
    Well, this summer, my family is going to force me to apply to some stores. I told them, sure, since I really do want to live in my own room next year. It'll be scary, I'll admit that much, but, if I have to live with roommates again, I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Besides, I want to visit some bookstores and buy some manga:D! I'm also going to learn how to drive and, hopefully, get my license before I have to come back here! So, what job position are you going to be interviewed for?
    I'm 19. I should have a job right now, but, you know, social anxiety. Hopefully, I can get one this summer so I can have some spending money:)! I'm sure there are some jobs that I can apply for down here, but I'm too scared to ask if they're hiring.
    You know, I don't know. They're willing to buy the Vita, but not the PS3. I've been asking them to buy it for Christmas, but they said no. Now, I suppose I'll be buying manga and novels for Christmas. Although, the family believes that I want clothes for Christmas.
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