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  • Heyyyy!! Joeeyy boy! Things have been... hectic. Work, work, work, and then sleep...
    ...then off to work LOL. How you've been, and are you studying abroad? If so, how is everything going?
    Dropping by to say hi Jonas! I haven't been able to come here often. With work and settling back to study( I have to retake that hell of a test, didn't do well enough last time) I come home quite exhausted. Hope your doing good and let me know how everything is going with the studying abroad gig :) Take care.
    Hey! Sorry for not being able to chat with you earlier, hopefully I'll see later. :) take care
    Happy new year for you as well Jonas. I hope this will be a year of growth and happiness for you. Have a nice time!!
    It's always been nice talking to u 2 :) Well yeah the thing is often when I log in to this site I fall in this self-pity mode which isn't very healthy I guess haha

    Oh that's really good congrats for finishing school!! :D
    Hi! :) Long ago, how are you? Hahah yeah i'm alive but rarely log in to this site. I mostly log in here when i'm feeling a little low.
    I'm good! Trying to decide what to do with my Saturday night. :) Breaking bad or a beach party. How about you? xoxo
    What aircraft are you flying in?
    I started some flight training a few years back but never finished it, but will do it before I die.
    Hey, I read your post about getting the job you wanted. Just dropped by to congratulate you on it, good on you :D
    Cool, the Skyhawks aren't bad at all. I have one of those National Geographic telescopes. Pretty much the same size as yours. It's not bad, it does the job but I was planning on purchasing a new one sometime this summer.
    Aha! Reykjavik is a beautiful city, it's so clean!!! Yeah I know what you mean with the cloudiness, except just last night it was clear, so I took the telescope out just to gaze at the moon, it was pretty great.
    Hey Jonas!! The city I live in is technically one of the worst cities for light pollution in Canada. However, I am less than an hours drive from the start of the Rockies and let me tell you, the sky out there is amazing. However, Im sure you get amazing night skies there in Iceland. I've been to Iceland a couple years ago but it was in the summer so there wasn't too much star gazing because of the daylight hours.
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