The "Last Thing You Bought" game.

A cupcake birthday "cake" for my grandma.

Like this, but minus Pooh and friends.



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Almond croissant, bag of apples, olive oil soap and shampoo, paper, chocolates, dare coffee milk, apple juice, banana bread, date and walnut loaf, eggs and that will do for know. :giggle:


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Two days ago I bought a ticket for festival. Today I stolen the idea of my friend for creating the new design of our website :bigsmile:


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I would say gas, but when I pulled into the station I realized I had forgotten my wallet at home :eek: So technically, my girlfriend bought it ::p:

The thing I bought before that was a Claddagh ring for Christmas.
Food~ Grocery shopping is my favourite holiday. :3

Why 'holiday?' Because it's few and far between enough to qualify. >:I


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I bought this mug from the UK off Etsy and it took all of a month to get here! I finally got it today and they even give you a bag of English Breakfast tea in the box 😊 too bad the shipping costs more than the item! Lol AA273EB1-A7E5-457F-B6C6-7D53C544FC29.jpeg


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Had to use up some money left on my account at the Unishop because it was going to expire in two days, so I treated myself to a couple items - a levitating nimbus 2000 pen, an animals trivial pursuit game, a book, and a couple sharpies