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  • I'm really digging this song and video right now. What do you think? Post something you like on my wall. :)
    Retro Stefson - Glow (Official Video) - YouTube
    ...I take that back. It sounds too difficult, which is why I'm not dating. But, the thought of dating compatible people sounds nice. But, where do you find them?! sigh..
    Thank you for the kind words, MC - I appreciate them. (I tried to leave a message on chat, but it didn't show up, so I thought I'd message you on here instead)
    Thank you MC, I'm sure I will be back to my cheery self in no time. I appreciate your support. And of course I am here if you ever need a friend to talk to.
    I suppose I'm trying to find ways to improve my confidence, and taking up acting, like studying to become a chef, are just ways to improve myself, and also it should help to widen my social circle, although I don't have much of a circle to speak of at the moment. But to be honest with you though MC, I'm still feeling really down at the moment. So I think the only way I'm going to make a success of my life right now, and it's kind of a cliche thing to say, but I'm going to have to fake it till I make it. There are days when I think what's the point in even trying, but I have wasted so many years of my life procrastinating and running myself down like that. If anything, I should be cheering myself on to succeed in life, because after all, the only person who can really help you is yourself. So what Ive decided to do now, each day I am going to say positive things to myself, even if I don't believe them just yet. After all, thinking negatively for so long hasn't done me any favours.
    When you go to these groups meets MC, do you find it easier to talk to people there instead. I think I need to try and make more of an effort in being more outgoing. Apart from college, I don't really go out that much. But one thing I've always wanted to do, apart from becoming a world famous chef that is, is to join one of those amature dramatics groups. I really think my hammy personality would be a welcome addition to that type of social group. Although I do get anxious when talking in groups, so goodness knows what I would be like when performing in front of hundreds of people. Then again, it is only amature dramatics, so if I did have a heart attack on stage, everyone would probably think I was just hamming it up anyway.
    I'm doing ok, thanks MC. Back at college tomorrow though :/ I was just viewing the how do you get on with work colleagues thread and I noticed a post you made on there. When it comes to break/lunch time at college, I just find it so difficult to know what to keep saying to everyone. Is that what it's like for you too?
    The doctor didn't think increasing the dosage was necessary. Although lately I am finding it harder to concentrate, and when it comes to making conversation, it's like I can't think too deeply, if that makes sense. I suppose I'm unsure whether this is because I'm still feeling down, or maybe it's because I'm still dealing with the side effects. I do have another doctors appointment in a months time, so I will wait and see if it helps me until then. I do apologize for not sounding very peppy, MC. But of course I do appreciate you taking the time to ask me how I've gone on. I hope all is well with you.
    When you were taking citalopram, what dosage were you on MC? Did you notice any improvements while taking it? I've been on a 20mg dose for 4 weeks now, and if anything, it has made me feel more depressed. I've got a doctors appointment tomorrow, so I'm unsure whether to ask for a higher dose or maybe try something else.
    Are these SA support groups you go to MC? If so, do you find attending these groups more helpful than just taking medication alone?
    I'm doing okay, thank you MC. Although I started college about a month ago, so I'm still feeling a bit stressed, what with having to adjust to college life and all. I guess I'm still finding it difficult to come out of my shell, but I started taking Citropram a month ago, so I'm hoping that will help me to feel more positive. But other than that, I am tickety boo :) How about you MC, have you found a way to overcome your SA?
    Hi MC, I thought I'd stop by and say hi. I never realized you were a fellow Brit. Although the more I think of it, your username does sound kind of British. Not that I'm insinuating you are a miserable...Well, I think I'll stop typing now :)
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