Question for the guys.


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Let's suppose you are approached by a really nice, non-judgemental girl. She's sweet and caring, treats you nicely, understands you... but is either chubby or overweight. Would you date her anyway or discard her as a possible partner?

I'm merely curious.


I feel like answering this, but I'm a girl so I don't know if my reply is valid.
If a guy who was all the things you described approached me, I would feel lucky and wouldn't care if he was overweight, if you find someone who is kind and non-judgemental it would be pretty silly to discard them because of the way they look, basically doing what you don't want people to do to you.


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I would date her if I really liked her because I'm getting chubby now, which I am not proud about, so i can't judge her.


If she were a little chubby it wouldn't put me off at all, because the demands being placed on girls these days are really unfair. It would more depend on what she was into and if I could relate to her/we were likeminded.

But I wouldn't date an obese person... chubby is one thing because that's not something you can control and you can be healthy and chubby at the same time, but if someone is obese and really out of shape then I wouldn't be able to do a lot of the things that I enjoy doing with them.


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Let's suppose you are approached by a really nice, non-judgemental girl. She's sweet and caring, treats you nicely, understands you... but is either chubby or overweight. Would you date her anyway or discard her as a possible partner?

I'm merely curious.
The harder question for me is how do I know if she really is nice, sweet, caring, etc?

Most people seem nice at first, especially if there's any sort of attraction involved. Making it even more complicated, the more socially skilled someone is, the better they are at pulling off seeming like they are those things. Someone who isn't socially skilled can even seem like a less nice person than they actually are, too.


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It depends on how overweight. Nothing wrong with extra weight, especially if it's in the right places. :p

It could also depend on height. If she is taller then me and pretty overweight, then that can be kind of intimidating because then she is bigger than me.

But yeah it depends on how much. I don't even know how much fat I would like/tolerate and how much I wouldn't, etc. It depends on a lot of things really.


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Heck, hound. You already know chubby doesn't bother me.

Tell me this thread isn't about you though, because you've defined yourself as overweight before, in spite of the fact that both your pics and your BMI indicate otherwise.



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If I was never approached by some of the kind and sane girls I studied with in Uni I wouldn't have said no. I was never approached. I looked for love in all the wrong places at all the wrong girls, and got hurt.


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Two of my three longest relationships were with women that were a bit 'bigger'... had only one truly 'skinny' girlfriend, and she turned out to be bats**t crazy, where the others were well grounded.

Instead of weight, though, I enjoy height. I lurve me some tall women. A sweet and caring personality is something I always look for... but let's be honest; ain't no-one going to fully understand my various insanities. :p

In any case, if a 'chubby' woman came up and engaged me in a conversation to show her interest, I would consider myself both lucky and slightly confused. As to dating, though, it really would depend on her personality and lack of homicidal tendencies.


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It depends how much extra weight she has I guess. I'm short and slightly underweight so I usually don't feel attracted to taller or bigger girls. I guess this has to do with the preconceived image of the man being bigger than the woman, in general. I think the face would be more important to me though.

I can't really tell you for sure since I've never been in that situation. I don't meet a lot of new people, and overweight girls are even more rare. Unless you mean only slightly overweight, in that case I'm totally ok with it.


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No one understands me. Not even the cute chubby girl.

#I wouldn't say that now Steiner.

No it had to be said Thule. Also I just have bad experiences with chubby chicks. Causing me pain. Whether they mean to or not.

#Ah I see.

Nothing against their weight it's just most of the chicks that have harassed me and gave me negative auras have been on the big side of life. I had a crush on a chubby girl but of course when I thought of asking her out I decided not to.

#Why was that.

A friend told me she wasn't interested.


I am a sensitive soul.

#I noticed.

Don't judge me for liking skinny girls.

#No judgments here Stein.

I can sense your judging eyes!

#*covers eyes* can you still sense them?



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Personally, I always preferred a little extra padding on a woman. Skinny girls give you paper cuts. As long as she wasn't grotesquely obese (been there—not pleasant), or a lot taller than me, physical shape didn't matter that much. If she was trustworthy, reliable, and a good companion, that was good enough for me.


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A bit "chubby" is alright, but not obese. The only date I've ever been on was with an obese girl. I wanted to believe that fairytale "what's on the inside that counts" line, but at the end of the day, what's on the outside counts for something too. You can't force attraction where there is none.
I went on the date assuming she would reject me, so I thought I was the only one at risk of getting hurt. It turned out that she did like me, and I was the one who had to do the rejecting. I feel terrible about it to this day.:sad: