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  • I just saw your DeviantArt in your signature and I was going to ask the same thing dottie did. Anyway, I quite like a few of them, namely VR, Planet Creation, Power Shard and Jewel Encrusted Machine.
    Hi Rawz, saw your post on death, dying and the uncertainty of consciousness and I was really touched by what a lot of people were saying. If you ever feel like discussing this matter further with anyone I will be happy to be that person. Hopefully we can be friends too. :)
    Your Website sounds cool! I spent a little time learning how to build webpages (HTML), didn't get very far though. Good luck with it, nice skill to have for sure!
    Thank you very much. :) Yeah, all of my art is digital--nothing painted. It's been a long time since I tried painting anything. I might put up something new soon.
    Hey, RAWZ:
    I just saw your art on deviantart (I am a member too but haven't posted any works) Your art rocks! Seriously I love it!
    that is digital art, right? some of it looks like you paint too...
    I look forward to seeing more of your work!
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