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Data is one cool dude. His logical intelligence paired with his innocence is so endearing. An innocent genius child. :)

TNG is currently up on Netflix, if you're interested in rewatching it. (y)
Pretty sure all the series of ST is on Netflix, I not too long ago did a rewatch of TNG, DS9, and Voyager.. and actually got around to watching the original. I still havent gotten around to Enterprise or Discovery yet though they are both on my list.
Man, I can't get a break. Novermber/December I had a heart attack scare, which turned out the be stress.

Now, for the past week, I've been feeling very dizzy with little to no relief from it, without any cold or flue symptoms. This could be a range of things, but among them some really scary stuff.. So I'm gonna have to go have myself checked out again, hoping it's not something fatal.

Maybe in the summer I could get like a cool health scare, maybe? Like a Xenomorph in my chest.