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There's a part of me.. a small part, that wants to hold an experiment. It wants to take a couple of acting lessons, go out, buy the coolest clothes, hire the coolest car and go to a club and act like someone I'm so not... just to see how it unfolds.. :LOL:
I always thought teachers were supposed to lift you up and try to teach you something, not to laugh at you while they are checking your work in front of everyone and make you feel completely and totally stupid. I am so humiliated right now and it took everything I had not to cry in class tonight.
I wanted to go to his talk (at the opera house I think it was) but I was too broke to afford the tickets. Was it awesome? It looked so awesome
It was just... amazing! Brian has a way of talking about complex issues that allows simpletons like me to understand.
The presentations were (dare i say it) out of this world.. truly.
I was the only one in my family that went. The Adelaide convention centre was packed and I sort of felt a kind of kinship with everyone there.
It was an amazing evening.