Post a picture of your pet!


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Aww they are all adorable! :3

And Blabla, I watched that again and again and again... and I still love it XD

As a kid we had a couple of budgies and a canary and I don't remember them doing cool stuff like that :/


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Now I miss my puppy too. I also get to see her in a week. :)

Yes, she has a parrot as one of her toys. She loves it, and was having quite the good time.
Play buddy!


Sasha last year, smiling at me I was freezing while she's in her massive coat.

Taken with a friends professional sony photography camera.
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hehe very cool pets necrucifer ,

"ohh that black box thing is soo warm" .. haha
Yea I cant tell you how many times I have to kick the cat off of it LOL he always gets his paws so close to the hdmi cord or power and eject button...I usually dont mind when he lays on it like that but when he starts moving around I kick him off lol makes me paranoid.