Post a picture of your pet!


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Great idea! I've got an entire album devoted to my dog on my Facebook so this is going to be a lot of fun for me ;)

Here's mine.
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I've limited myself to three photos because I just think he's the cutest little thing ever (he's my baby, of course!) and would never stop.

His name is Patrick. He is 10 years old, will be 11 later this year. I've had him since he was about 3. So he's been with me during very important parts of my childhood. Got him when I was young, around 11 and now I'm 18 and grown up!! :p

He's a bit blind now and he doesn't do much. His favorite hobbies are sleeping and pooping. But he can be a crazy guy every now and then and usually likes to show me who is boss after he eats his dinner by "biting" my hands with his tiny teeth. He used to live with cats before we got him, so we believe he thinks he's a cat because he's quite tame and likes to lick himself.

Needless to say, he's a chihuahua.

That's my baby :D


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Took this last week when I was on my bed just browsing the internet. My cat decided to sleep between me and my laptop. ::p: He was actually sleeping on the top of his head underneath the laptop a little bit, but when I went to take a picture he moved, stretched, and positioned himself like this. He's so weird. :rolleyes:

Oh look, you can see my pajama pants that have germs on them. (No I'm not kidding)