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I finally adopted another kitty today. It's been a long time coming. I originally wanted to at the end of last summer, but kitten season was over and a part of me still couldn't bring myself to do it yet either. Now I've been waiting this season to adopt and actually got a little boy to add to the fur-family. This is Sterling. Pic isn't mine, but wanted to share it because of that cute little derpface. 😄

(Side note: I chose to adopt a kitten vs adult because my Venus is quite the sassypants and I honestly didn't think she'd take well to an adult. She did well with Thalia when she was a kitten and only had mild spats as Thalia got older. They became quite the pair after some time and was devastated when she lost her. Now I'm kind of hoping for the same again with this guy!)


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Saphira turned 6 today

So of course they all got some 'cake' and a present each