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  • dude, i'm sorry if my prank scared u away. honest to god i didn't intend for it to be that weird. i thought u would have laughed at it. lol.
    I assume Steam bombed again. Just wanted to let you know I'm going to bed and not rudely disappear in case Steam kicks back into shape in a minute. G'd night! ;D
    you see trailer for a movie called chernobyl diaries. in one of the trailers they released one of the comments says theres a screecap or something from one of those S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games you like. movie looks meh but i'm sure i'll watch it once its on tv eventually
    big dogs, baby-actually there was a few sets of them in the snow heading straight down to a mtn happy!
    I just found and watched that yesterday after playing me1 for awhile, bad-ass vid. funny you link it like the same time i saw it.

    Sorry about last night. Literally when I typed that last message my internet connection just bombed like a butt. :C Hope you didn't wait too long.
    Top of dah morning to yah, lad. I noticed you had a little chat my my phone last night. Little guy stole all the fun without waking me up. :'V

    I'll be get getting BF3 very soon. Perhaps even before work, depending on whether there's enough my PayPal (if not, I'll need to transfer some). So soon, my son. I shall follow you into battle with asprine, bandaids and cough medicine.

    Also, chains. Definitely chains.

    EDIT: So, liek, I noticed BF3 isn't on Steam. My bad. :///3 I'll make sure get a copy regardless. Hang tight. :V
    ...Just, wow. For crying out loud, that was ridicules. x3

    I knew pretty much all the American history ones, and I've never even studied it. It's, like, literal basic knowledge.
    Aw man, I seems that Steam came in between just now. It got a hissy fit about there being a newer version out or something. And by the time I got that message it was already 30 minutes later.

    Ugh, sorry man. :C *compensation with cake*
    That's sick! Probably doesn't mean much coming from me but I think you definately have what it takes. I envy your talent. Don't waste it :)
    buddy, i don't know you but I have to say... you are an amazing artist! have you considered doing art as a full time career?
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