One quality your proud of.


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I know that I have the ability to do whatever I want. I just need that shot of self-belief and I'll be okay. I'm absolutely getting better, though. :D

I am good at the drums, despite my brain telling me otherwise.

I can cook a mean lasagna.


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I can cook a mean lasagna.



I think a cery good way to look at your own qualities is to look at your own core values. When you know what you really stand up for in life, then you'll see many qualities.
There're always qualities that you can be proud of there. After all, your core values have been guiding your life for such a long time.
If you still see nothing to be proud of there, then maybe it's time to do something about that. What about volunteering?


I try to be honest even if it hurts people's feelings.
Some people don't think this is a good thing, but it is.


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Based on my personality there isn't too much positives to list except for the fact that I'm generally a nice guy. My downfall in my personality is that I'm too socially awkward, and tend to think too much about what other people must be thinking about me when engaged in social situations. In general I am not happy with my status, but I am thinking positive as best I can so that I can work toward becoming a better person.


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I can eat raw habaneros and any other chile.. I love heat just as much as I love chocolate:)
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I've always thought little of these threads where you mention something positive, but i realized that i deserve to say something. I guess, i have good ethics and empathy. I really cannot do something against my moral code without being uncomfortable. I'm a simple, innocent guy.


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my intense hyper-vigilance. somehow i'm able to use this otherwise stressful and debilitating "ailment" to my advantage at work.


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I'm ultra honest, I never lie about anything. Often I'm accused of it still though by people who cannot accept there is someone in the world who's 100% honest and genuine! So being this way doesn't really do me much good.
I'm never judgmental.

That is something I've always struggled with. I think I've been much better about it in the last 3+ years, though, and it's something that I continue to work on. And when I do find that I have something snide or hateful or judgmental to say about someone, I keep it to myself and then, when I'm on my own, try and figure out why I harbor that ill feeling towards that person.