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  • eeh, I hitted my own brick wall as well, slowly getting better for my sake. It must be christmas eve there, so happy christmas eve!
    You're welcome. I see in your post that you are learning to relax about things a bit more. Just remember that everyone has quirks and imperfections...EVERYONE! What makes things different is how each of us choose to react to and deal with and our own flaws. So think positive and keep taking a pro-active role in treating your HH. Glyco has helped work wonders for me!
    You have got to admit that a nice big cool ionto pool does sound like a great idea! Clothing optional, of course.
    Hello stranger, how r u? I dunno if you read any of my posts but I recently found out I'm pregnant with baby no.2! (I'm 7 weeks now) :) I haven't been on spw for the last few days as I am not feeling well at all, dreaded morning sickness is more like all day sickness, had it for 2 weeks straight ugh. And I'm feelin lethargic all the time, can't wait till it wears off, feel like a zombie. How did your new meds go? Is anything better for you? I hope you are ok. I am gunna log off tonight as I'm shattered but will hopefully come bk on tomoro at a reasonable hour. Talk soon Mr!
    No problem man, we're all in this together in a dysfunctional family gathering kind of way haha
    Hi Englishman,

    Have you ever tried the prescription drug oxybutynin? It is also known as Ditropan or here in Ireland it's named Cystrin (maybe this is the same in England).
    I take it for my hyperhidrosis and I also get facial blushing, especially when I meet new people or am put in an awkward situation. The Cystrin tablets that I take completely ease my sweating to normal levels and completely stops any facial blushing. The only side effect of this drug that I have had is a slight dry mouth. But overall it is worth it.
    I would strongly recommend consulting a doctor and mentioning oxybutynin/Ditropan/Cystrin, if you have not already.

    Don't give up dude. This is a good forum, you have plenty of people to confide with.

    So sorry you seem to be struggling at the moment. I have ths horrible HH condition but I have managed to have a fairly normal life. I was married and have 2 great kids. Don't give up,be positive and try to do the things you want to do with your life..we get one. Do you have supportive friends and family? Take care x
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