One quality your proud of.

Sea Bass

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I am perceptive as well. I can always take information in and assimilate it to create my own view point.


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I know the difference between "your" and "you're".

I know that language is fluid and always changing, and "you're" and "your" is irrelevant.

I understand cultural differences and change in language, both written and verbal.

Hence why we aren't still speaking Latin or 17th century English, and why there is no cut-off date between the two (and others) when they 'magically switched.'

I know if someone has difficulty deciphering between an incorrectly used "your" and "you're" in a conversation, then they probably have severe comprehension problems.

I know that someone who picks out a "your" and "you're" mistake has little or no understanding of my second or third point.

I know that someone who picks out issues with grammar and punctuation probably doesn't realise there is now a difference between writing for print and writing for the digital arena (in the professional world).

I know there is also "youre" (see point 6).

Wait... that's seven things - the question did only ask for one. Oops.
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You want to know how I got these scars?
Hmm... I guess my best quality would have to be my loyalty. If we became genuine friends you'd have no one more loyal and supportive than I. Now if I could only get past the fact I have a hard time trusting people..


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There is not a toilet in the world that I can’t flush at the second attempt if the first attempt fails.

It does not matter if the toilet is flushed by a chain from a raised cistern or a pull down handle.

In the case of chain operated toilets with a raised cistern I intuitively learn from the first unsuccessful attempt how long and how hard to pull the chain to achieve the desired flush without emptying the cistern with failed attempted flushes.

I’m able to apply the same intuition to flush pull handle toilets as well. Duration and speed of attack are critical criteria here.

The modern choose either a full or partial flush toilets are easy for everyone so I take no special credit there.

Absolute genius. :perfect:
I'm proud of my humility and modesty. I'm proud that I am currently able to look up in spite of many weights trying to push my head down.


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I've always managed to find a hobby to express myself in ever since I can remember. I think because I've always found it hard expressing myself to people I needed to find a way of expressing myself through a hobby of some sort.