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  • I've just started reading One Piece again, from where I last left off, which is when they're up in the cloud world :) I love Luffy! I love goofy, funny but kickass characters like that :D. Yeah One Piece is awesome. It's one of those that you can't get sick of.
    I'm past Wendy and Gajeel :) the two new(newer) ones are Sting and Rogue. I love Frosh! Oh there's roleplay with them? Like cards, or a pc game?
    Ha cool, that's what I do with my brother, we watch anime together :)
    Yeah Half Prince is awesome :3 would be nice if they made it into an anime someday! I will watch Ranma 1/2, just gonna get updated with Fairy Tail first! Same here, I prefer long, well thought out and un-rushed stories. I have read one shots, but it's not my favorite thing. I'm past Natsu's and Lisanna's childhood :) it's a bit past their battle with a black dragon and came back home from after 7 years XD. There's also two new dragon slayers now, which is cool. I used to watch Naruta, it's good. I haven't really caught up with it in a long time though. My all time favorite anime/manga, but more so manga, would be Fruits Basket. I love all the characters and the process of the story. It was sad in a lot of parts though :( I named my guinea pig Momo after one of the characters :D I used to collect Yu-Gi-Oh cards years ago hehe. I didn't know that Naruto had playing cards!
    Woo! Yeah Shiki is awesome aye :D Cool, I told my brother about Elfen Lied, and he seems interested too :) There's just so much out there that it's hard to know where to start lol. I've just remembered about Half Prince, but it's a manga, and that it's hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing through most of it. I've heard of Ranma 1/2 but I have yet to see it, if it's funny though, then I'll definitely watch it :D I love humor. Do you read any one shots? I'm up to date with Gintama now *le sad* so I have to wait till next season. So just have Fairy Tail to watch right now :) I'm up to the part where they got attacked by the black dragon and went missing for 7 years. It's strange seeing some characters 7 years older haha. It was a bit sad too, with Lucy's dad gone and Fairy Tail gone down in the dumps
    Haha yeah Zero is awesome! Same here, I like some girly-ish ones, but personally I'm more into the action/humor kind of stories :D I like some gore in them too, makes them more realistic and attention grabbing I find. I really liked Ouran Highschool Host Club, had some romance, but was hilarious too XD. I haven't seen Elfin Lied, no :O another friend of mine loved it though!
    Ohh I loved reading the manga Vampire Knight! Aido was my favorite :D But yess you should read Noblesse when you can! It's got humor in it, but it's really badass XD I love the fight scenes and characters, and the story focuses on a lot of them, rather than just one or two characters. Haha what would we do without anime and manga eh? ^_^ I would like to re-watch Wolf's Rain, it's one of those in-depth stories that grab your heart and keep thinking about for ages afterwards. We need an anime/manga club I think lol
    Hahaha you should watch it on friday the 13th, just because :p. Yay anime movies! Thankyou, I needed a good site to watch stuff. Ooo drawing stamps? Like you draw pictures and then get them shrunk down in size n sell em as stamps? Yeah it's shit all for jobs here too, but you're trying harder than me... cos I get all fickle and stuff ._. and I can't do math, so that puts a lot of jobs down the drain for me haha. Have you read noblesse? I've started reading it a few days ago, it's really good :)
    Oh cool thanks for that :) Holy! 12 times?! lol it must be good! It shall be on my 'to watch' list then :D I'm pretty sure my brother still has it on his pc. Oh well, good that you're goin out trying to find work! It's always daunting when job hunting. I typically end up working with seasonal work... I can't stand the smell of apples now lol.
    I should probably watch Sailor Moon again too, as I've forgotten most of it by now. I really liked pokemon yellow on gameboy :3 the new ones, not so much, but maybe because they're all sorta the same. Hey, I like your art style! You're quite good at it ^_^ my brother watched the girl who leapt through time, dunno why I didn't :/ how did the interview go??
    Oh! I LOVED Cardcaptors :D mum said that Sailor Moon was my favorite show when I was little too. I only liked the first few seasons of pokemon, after that it was kinda bleh. I wouldn't mind getting a part time job like that, I can't handle stressful jobs lol. Yeah I'll cross my toes and fingers for ya! Oh real?! Did you draw your avatar? He looks cool :) omg they are so cute! I like this one the best so far http://www.flickr.com/photos/pretty_pullip/6897722725/ I love Alice. Yeah I have deviantart, it's BlueEnchantment. What's yours? I paint more realism paintings like nature and animals etc but want to start getting into more abstract kind of pictures too :3 Haha yeah I'm glad my parents don't wanna kick me out yet :P rent is kind of expensive here..
    Good good... I remember watching DBZ years ago when I was a kid XD I really liked it, but now I watch it abridged on youtube, it's hilarious haha. Oh! Good luck on the interview :D what job is it, may I ask? There's no work here... So I try to scrape by with my artwork, but still live with parents so it's not too stressful yet lol. I might have better luck in Australia when I go over :) yay for otakus! I told my brother to do that, because I'm too chicken to do the same for my room... I just got girly/cute things around lol. There are so many cool statues and figurines online :O there was one for Skyrim, which looked totally bad-***. I love the more chibi looking ones though XD
    One Piece is like... really random and crazy, but good crazy :3 but yeah I know what you mean, it goes on forever lol, and I feel like I have to finish it first before I can get into another big one, so right now it's Gintama and Fairy Tail :). SEL looks interesting, I like weird :p and from what I've read, it sounds good. But ya, other than that, how has your day been? Had a good weekend?
    Oh really?! I'm gonna google it now >_> I like the way they look D: Well I'll still love them regardless hehe. I think my brother watched magic knight raynearth, I'll have to ask him sometime... I've got to start watching one piece, as I liked the manga (although I haven't caught up on it in a while)
    Oh cool :) I'm still watching fairy tail! Yes I think it had the statue of the cat in the whisper of the heart which was cool. I will look up My-Hime, Hime mean princess right?
    Cool! Thanks for telling me :D I'll give them a watch! What would we do without anime/manga? haha XD I've got The Cat Returns, love it :3
    Yeah you should totally read the Fruits Basket manga! :D lots of unexpected twists (esp. with Akito)
    Oh nice! I loooved Fruits Basket, and read the manga of it which I think is even better :D. I'm currently watching Fairy Tail too, which is awesomesauce. I have heard a lot of Rosario + Vampire, so I will have to check it out when I can, Bleach too. Do you play games? Me and my younger brother used to play Naruto Shippuden, which was pretty fun XD
    Hi Quietguy11 :) just saw that you're into anime/manga! What anime do you like? I watch it from time to time. Have you seen Gintama? Hilarious haha
    Lol yeah, it's always hard to balance your time between doing what you have to do and what you want to do :) Good luck!
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