List AT LEAST one thing you all like about your physical appearance?


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Funny, the first thing I thought of was also a scar.

I like the scar on the back of my right middle finger. I also like showing it to people every chance I get. Of course I then have to tell them that I got it when I tried to pry a wood chip off of a branch with a pocket knife without a locking blade. There's nothing like having to open the knife before you can drop it. :rolleyes:


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Hmmm. I guess I could say my hair. I like how I don't have to do much with it, it just naturally curls, etc. Annnnnnd um. I like my general body shape too. At least, my body hasn't been a real cause of concern for me.


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I'm quite fond of my eyes, as well as my pale skin. I'm also keen on my hour-glass figure, though I can stand to drop a few pounds. :rolleyes:


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My eyes and neck / shoulder area.. and.. maybe.. -cant think of anything else-

But yea.. I hate everything else about my appearance. :(
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Forces that combine molecules, cells and DNA and other scientifically named things. Appearances are made.
To simply exist.

I don't know what all that means. Brain is full of crazy ideas. This one don't make sense.
I think I have a pretty smile. And my eyes are two different colors of hazel (one is more brown and one is more green) and even though it's hard to tell unless you're looking for it I always felt really special because of it. :p