List AT LEAST one thing you all like about your physical appearance?

I love my hair. Yup, I said it. It's just do soft and a pretty good color I think. I would honestly not trade my hair for anything in the world. I like it that much. :D


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I've been complimented on my eyes, my lips, my smile, my heart shaped face, my eyebrows, my hair, my butt. Personally ooh it's so hard to pick haha, but I'll have to say my smile, and my butt if i'm feeling frisky.


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Um... my butt and my hair.

I take immensely good care of it, and I take pride in it... if only I weren't a natural blonde...

My butt just cause its what attracted my partner to me at first sight LOL


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From top to bottom:

Hair - has always been one of my favorites - a nice light golden blonde - it's starting to thin and recede a bit, but not too bad for a guy my age, and more left on top than anyone else in my family.

Eyes - a pale blue, almost colorless. I read somewhere that the irises of blue-eyed people are actually clear - and you are merely seeing the color of the membranes underneath that everyone has

Face - always thought I had kind of a "baby face," but as I get older, it gets more angular and rugged - so I'm better looking now than ever

Body - I've been slacking off lately and really feeling flabby, but all-in-all I'm in pretty good shape for a guy my age, fairly muscular

Butt - I've never really seen it, but I've been told it's cute

"Package" - let's just say that it has received a number of compliments as well

Legs - too short - but they're strong and well toned from years of walking, running, hiking, swimming, cycling, etc.


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I like my hair. It's pretty long and curly. It takes very little maintance besides brushing it after a shower, it can get very tangly! But in the mornings I have so many options: brush it out and leave it down, half up half down, put mousse in it, pony-tail, bun, braid....I like it.

Yeah that's about the only thing I like....if I ever have to do chemo for whatever reason, I pray I can handle losing my hair among everything else....


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Eyes - they're a unique color, a mix of blue, green, and grey.

Lips - big and juicy, baby.

Hair - naturally wavy and thick.

Overall bodytype - I'm skinny/average but have a nice little hour glass figure.

Yeah, this felt good haha.


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i like my eyes , have been complimented on them .

strangely enough i kinda love the scar on my side . its about 1.5 feet long and goes right around the right-hand side of my ribcage onto my back ( all on right side and wouldnt ya know im a righty ::p: )

oh and i do love the scar above my eyebrow , it actually looks pretty cool and is noticble , hard to describe it but it runs along end of eyebrow just above it and is about 2cm long maybe 3 .