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    what kind of dancing do you do? i took ballet, tap, and jazz when i was little
    Wow, Kudos to you. You volunteered to do it, Nice man. Yeah its hard to think of it as something fun to do, but it just makes sense that If we're going to have to do it regardless we might aswell be happy doing it, Putting the words into action is a little harder but you know what I mean :)
    lol tell me about it, but once I get use to it, It'l do me more good than harm and will probably make me more confident, same for you the more you do it, It will become second nature.. Dont be worried I use to think like that hoping my teacher wouldn't come lol Try and think from a different perspective, actualy want the teacher to be there and actually enjoy what your doing, Thing is your going to it either way, you might aswell enjoy it while you do it right? makes sense
    Haha, I thought you might have posted it on your own page again I was right :D lol Hey the more you the practice it the better it will be for you in the future, Im not lucky I went uni and dropped out this year because the course was crap I had to do 1 presentation with 2 other guys in the front that was very hard for me lol And next year Im applying for uni to do something I Like ( Psychology) and that has alot of presentation type things I believe.. Uni is next level. lol
    Nope its not over. We will keep doing it over and over. And i got that class next year 2 T_T
    You lucky you are 19 DX
    Oh yeah, I remember sometimes our teacher would go around the class and everyone had to like say something I didnt like very much lol. Atleast you did it :D ! and its over now! haha I hope this message appears on your page ;p I think it is :)
    Lol i get the french. But i get nervous when i say it out loud. It was in front of everyone. We had to say the words in the board in french. She went and asked everyone, almost died DX
    Yey :)
    Oral speeches is that like in front of the class, or did you do it individually with the teacher? lol I remember the days when I had to do them In french/urdu, mine was with the teacher one to one I would dread it If i had to do it in front of everyone lol Its bad enough with the teacher cos I have no clue what I am saying lol
    High school is hell infested with idiots and fools who have no potential for a future whatsoever. I am mocked daily there.
    lol I am :) You can post now im guessin ;) how did your presentation thing go other day in school :] Hope your doing good :]
    Welcome to the site and i hope you get the help and support your after! I'll add you!
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