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  • Hello. You are well? Hope so. I'm new here o.0 Not so much.

    Been a while. Yes, still squashin those bugs am I.

    Keep well.
    Awesomeness. It is so cool to know we share this! I have no idea where i would be without their lyrics and of course JD's story also resonates with me to a scary point, which is probably why i would consider him my role model. (he also appears in a couple of my dreams-of course i dont mind ;). Anyhow nice to meet you punklove. Im Marry btw.
    Hey there, i havn't been on this thing for quite a while now but just saw ur message on my profile and yeh to chat on msn sometime would be cool Mine is [email protected] i'll add u :)
    thank you, you seem like a very interesting person yourself. Sorry to hear about what your moms ******* boyfriend did to ya. Thats wrong on so many levels. I hope you got away from that bull shiat. :)
    Hey I haven't been on for a while and just saw your message on my profile sorry, and i've been good thanks how about you?
    I'm a senior, but I joined this sight sophomore year. of high school. I mean, you too?
    Thx for your understanding, maybe I'll create that "another account" just to add you and other friend on my other forums (gaygamer.net) =D
    Yes I do, unfortunately I haven't come out yet as a gay to all my colleagues on facebook. I only came out to my close family and a few best friends. I still don't have enough courage to be open about my orientation to the real life community. :)

    I ever thought of creating another FB account for "another me" but somehow I didn't think that's a good idea. :D
    Haha, I woke up at 11 a.m. and had pastries. Winter break does all sorts of strange things to my sleeping pattern since I don't have to get up for college.

    Hope you have a nice lun--I mean breakfast lol
    my day sucks, I think my depression has gotten worse, writing thesis for my Final Task in college feels really horrifying to me, it's weird but real... :(
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