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  • Hi.Nice to hear that the good weather has finally reached Canada.Its amazing how a bit of sun and and warmth can lift a person's spirits and positivity.At times this spring the weather has been very hot in London and has been hotter than some of the traditionally warmth places in Europe and elsewhere.I feel a strange feeling of pride when I hear that the temperature in London is hotter than for example Greece or Spain.

    Does the sun help lift your spirits or motivate you?
    Hi.Has the weather warmed up in Canada yet? Its coming towards the end of spring in England and we have had some nice warm days which have lifted my spirits.
    Hi.Not resulutions but I set some targets for the year in regards to what I want to or would like to achieve.It helps focus me and keep me motivated.Social targets for example in regards to visiting certain places.

    Do you have any goals for this year in regards to activities,work,social life?
    I love to walk too in areas were there are not many people.Regardless of the time of year walking is something that is worth while.Its more difficult during winter due to the cold.

    What are your favourite places to walk and what are the best things you have seen whilst walking?
    Its been mild here too so far relatively speaking in London,England.Quite chilly at nights though.No snow so far.Are you able to take advantage of the great outdoors in Canada? Walking,hiking etc during spring and summer.
    Hi.Whats the weather like in Canada.Its been quite mild here in London despite winter just beginning.
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