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  • Hey fife, how have you been? Was a little afraid after I didnt see you on here for a while. What's been going on with you? Hope everything is okay, you beautiful thing :)
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! :)

    Wishing you lots of wonderful moments and general ROCKSTAR awesomeness!!

    PS How have you been girl??!! :)
    Hey D!! How are you doing today?:) I'm doing a little better.
    I enjoyed our conversation, you are a really nice person, Fife girl :)
    and I liked that song by the Cure :D
    And i will sure help you with some dutch ;), jaja

    I hope you have a great weekend, Xx
    Hey! Good to know it's better!! :) Have you ever tried any online music jamming sites or or such?
    haha well i suck at guitar too. yea i like pretty much anything. most rock is good. but metal.. haha. that's one of the few musics i don't get. i can definitely appreciate the skill involved though.. like the stuff ?meshugga? does. lol
    sweet! lol i'm sure you rock at it. yuss i play the dwums too haha, always thought it was the coolest instrument.. till i started on alto sax. ahaha. seriously, neighbours don't last long anymore.. what sorta music are you into?
    Hey fife_girl! How's it going? Good to hear about another meetup! :) And thanks for translating to scottish what I meant lol!
    The chest pain might also be from GERD, google it and/or ask your doc. Depends on what you eat too, you can reduce acid in natural ways, though many docs and pharma may just want to push pills..
    Hello there! I found an article that discusses orbs of light. You can either read the whole article or scroll down to the ninth paragraph -that's where the author explains what causes light orbs. You can pretty much make up your own mind in the end as there are plenty of people out there who dedicate their lives to studying this phenomena. The following is just one side of the story.

    Orbs Debunked!
    Hm, there is a slight possibility it could be a condition called Angina. I would recommend looking into the topic for more information.
    Fun fun! =) Good to see your got yourself out there! Woah 6am lol At this rate im heading towards atleast 3-4ish today with so much to do, enjoy your movie ;) x
    *Cuddles back, Makes her smile and tells her she's beautiful*

    Well you know lol I have been on the xbox abit, And most of the time in my room spent on the computer lol not very adventurous day today, how about you likkle fife :) xx
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