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  • Hi fiftw! :) I had lower back problems too, this website was really helpful: Dr Bookspan's Sports Medicine - Fix Pain, Healthier Life - check free articles! Check position behind computer etc, get a laptop stand if you can? (or make DIY?) Connective Tissue Disorder Site says muscle imbalance/tension can be a cause too - I got books on trigger point therapy too, nutrition, posture &trigger points can be connected, didn't do much of it then though. There's a book about back-stress connection, helpful to read too.. &free spa treatment :) (paid by healthcare, can u get a prescription by a doctor there too?)
    For me meat was okay maybe 2-3x a week max, more brought pain, &veggies with it for antioxidants (salad and/or cooked, or both).. Fruit is best eaten separately (too much citrus, peach or vitamin C can cause back pain/rheumatism too) Maybe you could try some different recipes or different veggies or fruits?
    Oh, right! There are a few missions where that can be one of the outcomes. haha
    I look forward to trying it out myself! >D bwahaha!
    Yay! Fallout New Vegas!
    I'm still playing Fallout 3- I get my copy of NV at the end of this month.
    I'm never much of a fighter in games, though. I prefer to sneak around and talk people into doing what I want rather than having to kill them myself. XD
    Cat food eh. So they are meat eaters in the wild? I didn't know that. Too bad about the movie channels though. The movie part of those channels is kind of out dated but they have all the best shows so its kind of cool to have them. I guess I am ok. Tired of always being busy with work and kids and such. Sometimes it seems like it was all so much simpler when I was alone. Oh well having a family is worth it. Hows it coming at school?
    Hey hows it going dude? How is your hedge hog? What do you feed those things by the way? Is everything going allright? Let me know.
    lol, well Sonic was a good game! Can't argue with that. I still have the originals on my 360. Gotta play em sometimes for nostalgia.
    You're moving out though? Congrats! Got a roomate or what?
    Be careful with those roomates from craigs list lol
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