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  • Thanks Easy Skanking, do you mean the photo on my page? Hope you are alright, don't see around as much of the forums these days.
    I remember you discussing health issues. I came across this and thought about ya. It's free health care in Los Angeles county. Check it out! :)
    County of Los Angeles - Department of Health Services
    Hope you're doing good.
    Hey, ES! This last year has been tough but the last few weeks have been quite a bit better :) Now if only I can get mah darn sleep on track! How about you, anything new in zee life of thou?
    I am doing pretty good. I have been working full time for the past three months, because my boss hurt himself. But I am back to part time again, thank god. I have been working out constantly as usual, and have been spending alot of time with my kids. I haven't been on here as much lately because of all the real life business. How are you? Last time we spoke it seemed like you were pretty much done needing this place, I hope this is still true, and you are just coming on to check up on everyone and stay friends with all of us. Let me know. It was good to hear from you!!
    Hey, you're the one who suggested it, don't blame me for keeping you honest! ::p:

    I've found some new dance options for you

    Here's an easy one
    [Korea's Got Talent] tvN ??? ? ??? Ep.2 Minjung Joo !! (Poppin Dance) - ENG sub. - YouTube

    And another that is a little more difficult ::p:
    Friends - Monica and Rachel DANCE (Funkytown) - YouTube
    That's good to hear! Life's never easy but hope is always there and I know you will get there :)
    I've been pretty good. Lots of changes going on lately with college coming up and getting ready to move away but I feel like things will continue to get better from here and starting fresh again always feels good.
    Yes, I am a friend whore :). I would friend you many times over but unfortunately I cannot :(. Nothing much, how are you Easy? :p
    Doing better. On the way UP. Ain't no mountain' low enough... err high enough... ain't no mountain --- hmm I should relisten to that song before I start singin' it =D But you get the jist! MORE GOOD TIMES TO COME, BRO FOR YOU REMEMBER THAT!
    That's good. Tougher is better....most of the time. If you are enjoying life more, than thats all that really counts anyway. How about the dating front? Did you meet a little lady yet? I hope so. Let me know if you need to talk, if you just want to chat.
    Haha not really, she's just really picky and now I know where I get that trait from ::p:

    We decided on a Chihuahua after all :)

    We found a breeder in Hemet, went to his site, and saw this really adorable 4 month old brown and white long-haired Chihuahua and fell in love with him the second we first laid our eyes upon his godly cuteness~ lol.

    We're driving over to Hemet tomorrow to get him. Picky as we are, it actually didn't take a long time for us to decide on a name for him. His name is going to be Gizmo. We're naming him after Gizmo from the Gremlins because he's brown/white, fluffy, and big-eared :D
    Hey dude how is it going? Anything new and exciting happening? Hit me back, I would like to know how you are doing.
    hey. how is everything including SA? nice to hear from you.may be if i get lucky we will be online the same time
    I want to say its fun but wow.. I've been driving myself nuts over it and even posted a thread here for advice on dog ownership, finding the right breed for me and whatnot. The main problem with my mom and I right now is that I show interest in one breed, she turns it down because of some little flaw to it or because she wants this or that and from there it just keeps going back and forth. The breeds we've both agreed to be our potential selection are Chihuahua, Miniature Pinscher, Pocket Beagle, Pomeranian, or Shetland Sheepdog. The dog she wants the most is a Yorkie but I'm not very fond of those. They're cute and all but seeing the antics of my aunt's Yorkie kind of put me off from ever considering them as a future pet... very annoying dogs in my opinion.
    ME? lol where the hecko you been, dude? 'Bout time you came back even if just a pop in. I graduated college end of May. Since then snails have gotten more done than I have since that time. =/ So a bit of a fall. But that's part of the cycle... But I mean I'll figure stuff out.

    How about you what have you been up to?
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