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  • It's back! That feeling of excitement, elation and anticipation. I decided that I would enjoy it for now because it's not going to last and it's not something you find everyday.
    good job i checked back after you posted that on your own profile AGAIN :p

    i only argue if i think i'm right, and so i only argue about topics on which i actually have good knowledge.
    being confrontational is just in my nature i guess, backing down never even crosses my mind in most cases.
    i wouldn't say i'm socially phobic, i'd say i'm......complicated?
    Yes, I agree. I like to think that I'm always right when I argue my point, but in retrospect, I wonder whether I've always been right every time. Your attitude is quite a change from what I usually see here. Most people here are not confrontational in the least. Are you socially phobic?
    there's nothing wrong with arguing your point of view when you know you're right :p i'm pretty confrontational in general, i don't really get intimidated so i've never had a reason to back down.
    my parents were pretty supportive of most things i wanted to do, i tended to get into a lot of fights when i was younger so they steered me towards it i think in hope of me learning some self control and maybe putting my aggression to better use, it sort of worked.

    never too late to start, why don't you look into it now?
    ahaha indeed i am, they seemed to be getting a bit annoyed with me despite me not really saying anything offensive. i was simply arguing my point of veiw which i believe is allowed.

    i started tae kwon do when i was 8, have a black belt in that. recently been looking at MMA though

    into anything yourself?
    I can understand what you mean. I've had some mods tell me that other members treat them like lepers. I hardly get friend requests anymore and not too many people, aside from the mods, respond to me on the forum, but this could be because I'm tryrannical.

    I'm glad we have an understanding....
    hell no, being a mod took the fun out of forums for me. completely the opposite to sausage fingers, my hands are just massive like plates or something so laptop keyboards tend to be a little smaller and i hit two or three keys at the same time :(

    well you don't have to worry about me......i think i'll leave this necro guy to you actually
    aha i wouldn't say 'skills' as such....just experience. i'm pretty good when it comes to forums having been admin/mod on a few pretty busy sites a few years ago. i hate laptops though, too small for me i always hit the wrong buttons with my hands.

    might wanna be careful who you kill, he might have his way with them after that......
    bunch of different types over the years, mostly game related but a few other random ones here and there. i tend to be really active when i'm on them mostly due to how fast i can type.

    well **** if things don't work out between you two you'll be sure to give me his number right?
    it's fine i have a few years experience with forums so shouldn't be any problem.

    not gonna lie he sounds like a keeper, i'm a little bit jealous myself. you have to look at the bright side of every least he was honest right? :p
    ahh i wasn't even aware it was deleted, but thanks. thats alright though most forums i'm used to allow topics to get completely derailed so it'll make a nice chance.

    ahaha well i'm glad you did, he sounds like a pretty nice guy ;) you'll be sure to tell me how things go with you two right? (by the way how did you find out he was into that stuff....?)
    Oh, I see what you did here... Couldn't figure out how we were friends until I visited your wall. Hope you're doing/feeling as FANTASTIC as you look in your profile pic! :)

    P.S. When I talk about your profile pic, I'm referring to the one of you. Just want to make that clear to anyone reading in case you switch it back to the scared-looking monkey holding the stuffed animal or a horse's butt or something else along those lines. ::p: Later!
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